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Welcome to the home of The Athlete System. We are a company dedicated to providing individualised programme design to help people reach their fitness goals and needs. No matter whether you are an elite athlete or someone just looking to improve body composition we can provide the expertise to help you reach those goals. Our team of coaches are constantly pushing the boundaries of their knowledge to ensure you the best chance of reaching your goals. We provide a one to one service, remotely or in person which is centred around the coach-client relationship. Programming is provided weekly, as a completely individual design focusing on your goals using an online platform that is easy to use for both client and coach.

Programming Ethos

Find out about how we design our programming for the individual and build their design based around personal goals and lifestyle requirements.


From day one, working with Tom has been a great learning process. He has taken the time to understand me as the individual athlete that I am: looking at my own unique strengths and weaknesses, evaluating, testing and developing my training to see adaptation occur in every aspect. Following a program is one thing but…

Hannah Wilson

Since I started working with Tom through The Athlete System I’ve evolved beyond all my expectations in all aspects of fitness. Through his guidance in training, nutrition and basically everything else surrounding training I am now better conditioned, better at gymnastics and better at weightlifting. The help I’ve received has been nothing but professional and…

Oscar Tyrberg

Since I started my individualized training program with the athlete system I’ve grown very much as an athlete. With only three months working with my coach Tom I have had much success in both strength and conditioning gains. He has giving me the tools and inspiration to get my training to the next level and…

Mans Peterson
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