What is a coach?

What is a coach?

What is a Coach?

A coach is a coaxer of human adaptation. I coax peoples minds and bodies into adapting to stressors. This boils down to the same basic principles no matter if you are trying to perform better in a given sport, lose body fat or increase muscle mass. 

Understanding the specifics of how it happens though is a constantly evolving, complex process – and therefore understanding how to even better progress my clients. The sheer amount of different factors to consider for each individual is huge and my understanding of the many different aspects of adaptation is always changing and growing. It is a coaches responsibility to be looking for new knowledge all the time, with a critical but open minded approach. Not jumping on every bandwagon that drives past, but not stubbornly staying on the track they know either.

There are basic principles that apply to any physical change, but then it starts getting really messy and there is no simple answer. Everyone adapts differently, has different goals, training and social history, biological and training age, exercise and competitive history, current social position and environment…the list goes on. It all goes into the mix of helping people do cool shit – including just simply leading a longer, fuller life by the way.

I have principles I believe in coaching wise, things I think I think I understand, but I am willing to keep learning as the months and years tick by,  hungry for information from mentors and coaches I respect and even trying to take elements from those I am not quite as confident in. Hopefully I can help some people achieve what they want along the way and pass on a thing or two. You see, the honest truth is that I also want to get fitter, stronger, faster myself and understand the why behind it. So no matter if I coach or not, this will be a lifelong journey. 

These are some of my clients from along the way…

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