About Us.

We are coaches that have spent our lives learning about fitness, health and the human body. We focus on creating and building a relationship with our clients to hep us understand their goals and lifestyle as well as possible, this is extremely important when creating a programme design to ensure the most possible progress is made. We are not simply ‘trainers’ who write down exercise prescriptions. We are coaches who help humans develop themselves physically and mentally…the programme design is just a part of that process. Along with this comes nutrition and lifestyle which are as important as the training that is completed in the gym.
We have been educated by some of the best in the business, and continually look to develop our knowledge and expertise.


”As a company our values are focused around providing excellent individualised coaching that helps our clients to progress towards their personal goals. We strive every day to further ourselves as coaches and mentors so that we can provide the best possible service to the people that we serve, whether they want to become and elite athlete or just move better and live a healthier life. This is something that is fundamentally driving what we do and how we do it. We are not a corporate machine, but a small group of individuals trying to give our best to people. ”