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Mans Peterson

Since I started my individualized training program with the athlete system I’ve grown very much as an athlete. With only three months working with my coach Tom I have had much success in both strength and conditioning gains. He has giving me the tools and inspiration to get my training to the next level and it feels like the future is very bright. The step to choose individual programming over the classic blog programs is a step I think every athlete should do who are interested in seeing they’re true potential.

Oscar Tyborg

Since I started working with Tom through The Athlete System I’ve evolved beyond all my expectations in all aspects of fitness. Through his guidance in training, nutrition and basically everything else surrounding training I am now better conditioned, better at gymnastics and better at weightlifting. The help I’ve received has been nothing but professional and friendly. To summarize, the experience I’ve had with the Athlete system has been far superior to any other coaching I’ve received during my 5 years in Crossfit.

Hannah Wilson

From day one, working with Tom has been a great learning process. He has taken the time to understand me as the individual athlete that I am: looking at my own unique strengths and weaknesses, evaluating, testing and developing my training to see adaptation occur in every aspect. Following a program is one thing but Tom also has a genuine interest and concern for my wellbeing outside of the gym. Always checking in to assess stress levels, and overseeing that I’m doing what I can to give my body the best chance to recover. Having always been more naturally enduring, the challenge for Tom has been to work at developing me into a rounded athlete. One year of individual programming later and I can honestly say that I feel stronger than ever, my skills have improved beyond what I had imagined, I’ve retained and further developed my aerobic capacity, and most importantly I’ve remained intact and feel like the best version of me! Sure, there have been moments of frustration, tears and comments back to the Coach when things get tough but he’s always offered grounding advice, backed up by relevant in-depth knowledge, equally supporting me and celebrating the good times. Here’s to the next year of becoming fitter, stronger and faster guided by The Athlete System (if they’ll have me!) Thanks Coach x

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