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Head Coach/Owner

I am head coach and owner of The Athlete System, and I also am head coach/owner at LiftOff, a small strength and conditioning facility in Bishops Stortford.

I served in the Police for six years whilst also working part time as a coach and diving deep into the fitness world. I realised that was what I really wanted to do in with my life and eventually left the police and opened LiftOff and The Athlete System. This started a journey of deep learning both in coaching people in person, of all levels, and also in designing programmes. I have immersed myself in learning as much as possible about how humans adapt and in particular have learnt a lot from other coaches like James Fitzgerald, Max El Hag, Luke Leaman, Eugene Teo, Evan Peikon, Matt Connolly and Chet Morjaria, not to mention the many books, podcasts and online courses devoured.

I have so much to learn, and have learnt so much. Excited for what is to come!




I am one of the coaches at The Athlete System and also coach in an in person role at LiftOff. I have been in the fitness industry for three years now but fitness has always been a passion for me. I have dug deeply into Programme Design recently and am loving the journey of learning and development that I am on.

Like Tom, I have been heavily influenced by many other coaches and for me, building relationships with my clients and keeping an open mind has been an important part of success with clients.

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